De volledige inzending

De inzending bestond uit twee schilderijen. Een winter- en een zomertuin. Hier onder elkaar te zien. Olieverf op linnen, 100 x 75 cm.

Eigen Domein 3

Eigen Domein 3

Eigen Domein 4

Eigen Domein 4

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2 Reacties op “De volledige inzending

  1. Nice! Not sure what it’s the ‘full entry’ for, mind you. I think I’ve arrived mid-conversation. I always seem to be playing ‘catch-up’ these days… 😉

    PS Thank goodness for Google Translate. I don’t speak a word of Dutch, sorry!

    • Sorry, I’m not very interactive on this blog. Basically it’s my own work on pages parallel to my home page on which I give information about exhibitions of befriended artists and myself. ‘full entry’ may refer to the two paintings I contributed to the yearly exhibiton of the The Hague Art’s society ‘Pulchri Studio’ last month. Where I was one of three nominees for the yearly Den Hartog Prize. Pity I ended up second, but never mind. Out of 300 participants not bad. I’m only on Awad Forum and Facebook. Must use my time for painting, home mainentence, offspring. But FB and Awad are fun. Awad could do with some witty additions. 🙂
      I’m not quite sure about all the navigation here. Greetings!

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