Opening Tekeningententoonstelling

Pulchri Studio
Tekeningen 1 t/m 30

Met het trekken van wat laatste lijnen en de ondertiteling

opende Pat Andréa  de tentoonstelling in de Mesdagzaal.


Haagse Kunstkring ,   Artibrak,   Kunstgroep Wassenaar,
Arti-shock, Voorschotense Kunstkring.

Pat finishing touchkopppoters & finishing touch


John en Piet 2John Silllevis en Piet Gispen

publiekmijn bijdrage aan de muur

Hoek BBas vd Poll

tekententoonst 012

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5 Reacties op “Opening Tekeningententoonstelling

    • Hi Pedantry,

      Sorry, I still often have trouble to find what is where on this excellent site. Did I miss something? A message maybe? What do you mean by asking me what my blog means to me? It means a sort of diary of my work and the work of related ( sometimes literally ) artists. People I keep track of or who I meet by chance. Or who I feel related to even when they’re dead and gone. The exhibiton goes well but the watercolor exhibition was more profitable. I have not too much time to linger on the internet. I have no idea if this is a private conversation, but anyway 🙂

      • Ah! My question to you (on ‘Awad’) was an attempt to confirm that my guess that someone there I thought might be you was actually you. (The username wasn’t ‘Cecile’). Confusing, isn’t it? 🙂

    • Hi, btw, I don know how to find the reaction button to a post since a long time,
      Too bad that all those actions to improve somtehing that was already good leads
      to complications and confusions. I only can answer to your reaction but to various posts
      of various persons I can find the simple “react”button on their sites. ???

      Regards, Cécile

      • I’m afraid you’ve lost me completely… I can’t recall what it was we were talking about, or where! Yes, it’s too bad that something that was once straightforward (communicating using the Internet to pass words back and forth) has become so complex of late!

        Best wishes to you and yours 🙂

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