Ad Kroese Abstract

Ad Kroese (1946 – 2001), de helaas te jong gestorven Haagse aquarellist van het licht boven en door alles heen, heeft bij mijn weten slechts één volledig abstract werk gemaakt. Grootte: 16 x 11cm. En wel een brief-envelop, beschilderd op de voorzijde, zonder brief erin, met het afzendadres op de achterzijde. Een stil kleinnood waarvan we niet zullen weten of Ad, als hij langer had geleefd misschien deze stillere, minimale kant zou hebben gekozen. Helaas is er weinig van het nagelaten werk dat nog getoond wordt. Wel is er een site die de indruk maakt alsof er toch nog actief aan presentaties gewerkt gaat worden.

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4 Reacties op “Ad Kroese Abstract

  1. Hallo Cecille! Ik hoop dat het goed met je gaat.

    Ik ben een tijdje niet geweest (sorry daarvoor), maar de dag dat ik besluit om langs te komen, wat vind ik? Je meest recente bericht dateert van dezelfde dag als de eerste verjaardag van mijn kat (zijn naam is vIghro’wIj). Die dag is ook mijn verjaardag. En toevallig is dit de dag dat mijn moeder het Grote Voorbij binnenging.

    Het universum werkt op mysterieuze manieren.

    Zoals altijd, sorry als google translate mijn bedoeling heeft afgeslacht!

  2. Hmm… can I ask you to check your Spam comments, please, Cécile? I just left a message and it vanished without a trace. I think Akismet may have objected to the links I put in it :/

    • Hmm…I’m glad you did ask me and I checked your post. I see nothing offensive that needs to be hidden. I’m sorry for your loss but
      I like they way you write about it. I understand the liberation part as well as the feeling lost part. I attended to my mother some The coincidence of cat, mother and the date of my last post about a too early deceased dear colleague and friend. I also have not been very strictly following the ones on my follow list. I live the reversed situation, caregiving to my 56 of age son who is in a very advanced state of M.S.
      As he needs 24 hours physical care he is no longer at his family home. The last two years with the Covid restrictions and many hospital treatments and operations have been pretty hard. Fortunately he has this everlasting sense of dry humor. Which I love. Even though his voice is failing to a high degree he always has an adaquate comment to make us laugh. My mother died at age 79 which is exactly the age I reached a week ago. But I remember in you words the traumatic loss of my mum, who was not looking back at a ‘satisfactory’ life and feared death like death. That made her passing traumatic for me. I have had a good and interesting life in spite of this disaster of my son’s unfortunate illness. I have no ambitions to get too far over 80. Well…when you got to go you got to go…….I will keep an eye on you posts and wish you strenghts to reset a free life. ( the google translate is not bad..say hallo to vlghro’wlj aka cat. :-)) )

      • Oh, Cécile, your words tug my heart. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like in your shoes. I have some experience with MS, as my aunt suffered with it for years. I remember one day going to see her and asking how she was, and she told me that she’d had enough and wanted it all to end. I’m glad that your son is able to retain a sense of humour (I’m not sure I could if I were suffering from that horrible affliction).

        On a lighter note: congratulations on having circumnavigated the sun so many times. That’s quite an achievement! I hope that your remaining trips around will be filled with much joy 🙂

        PS vIghro’wIj said ‘hello’ back (in catese, naturally).

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